Map of Stroudwater, Maine ca. 1865?

Update 11/14/2017: a fellow researcher put some annotations to the map regarding buildings that no longer exist. Based upon this research, the theory is that the map originated between 1855 – 1865.

Stroudwater Map with Building Annotations
Stroudwater Map with Building Annotations


Over the summer I found a facsimile of a map of Stroudwater, Maine at a local flea market/antique shop (more the former than the latter) buried in a mountain of other framed objects.  The back of the frame had the following text from the seller: “Facsimile from Cumberland County wall ca. 1865: $4.95 (#5)”  

Map of Stroudwater, Maine ca 1865
Map of Stroudwater, Maine ca 1865

Living in the historic Stroudwater neighborhood, I was intrigued enough to pay the $5 for it.  From what wall in Cumberland County it came from, whether there are four other copies of it, and whether it is really circa 1865, I cannot be certain.  It has no value as an antique object, but the historic & geographic information it contains is priceless; I have not seen this map elsewhere in my research.  I might be able to determine an approximate time period for the map through research in Portland city directories and other sources.

Below is a list of names and labels found on the map.  Unfortunately, it does not have a label for, or the name of the occupants of, the Dole house; it is the northernmost square on the map, above the M. Quinby (Moses Quinby) house, and just right of the compass arrow.

If you happen to know anything further about this map, send an email to

M. Quinby
O. N. Thunborg
O. Chesley
B. Bemick
A. Walker
Mrs. H
S. Mason
G. W. Morton
J. Tate
S. Frazer
T. C. Stevens
Mrs. Hawes
J. M. Milliken
F. A. Waldron
F. A. Waldron
T. Jackson
J. Jordan
J. Parker
Mrs. Foye
L. Stevens
C. Maxfield
H. Chapman
G. Morton
N. Fickett
M. Hanson
J. Parker
S. Burnham
Skillings & Stevens
Mrs. Fickett
Mrs. Hunt
J. Smith
J. Maxfield
G. B. Stevens
J. F. Tapley

Bond Street
High Street
Main Street
Pleasant Street

C. B. Stevens Store
A. Hawes Store
B. Shop
Plaster Mill
Bark Mill
Salt Mill
Fish Ho
Grist M
Toll House
S. Shop
Dr. Hunt House
J. Smith’s Tannery
Capt. Brewers Barn
Brewer House
Dr. Hunts Barn

Fore River
Cumberland & Oxford Canal

A note section labelled ‘Cards’:
E. A. Waldron Ground Salt Manuf
Jona Smith & Son Tanner, Belt & Clothing Manufacturer
Charles Clark Painter & Glazier
Henry Chapman Deal in Trees & Shrubbery
O. N. Thunborg Grocery & Variety Store
T. Jackson Dealer in Fruit & Ornamental Trees