Chronological History Of The Early Ellingsworths In Maryland And Delaware

Into the past

The Ellingsworths arrived in America during the 17th century, making settlement along the Eastern Shore of Maryland, some of them in areas that would later become Delaware. What follows is a timeline of events during the 17th & 18th century. If you can confirm, deny or append information to that which follows, please let me know. (Some comments and lingering questions are in italics.)

Richard Ellingsworth married Ann Warmsley in Oakham, Rutland, England

October 14, 1632: was baptized Richard Ellingworth, son of Rich Ellingworth, silversmith.
From records of St. Michael’s Parish, Bassetshaw, City of London. (Received from Keith Ellingsworth)

Richard Ellingsworth arrived in the port of Baltimore

After arriving in 1654 Richard bought 300 acres at the “head of the Gunpowder River “, Baltimore Co., Md. per Keith Ellingsworth.
Borrowed a copy of this book from the library, edited by Gust Skordas:  “Early Settlers of Maryland Book: An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Land Patent Records, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland”

In it are the following entries regarding Richard & William:

Name: Ellingsworth, Richard
Liber: 6
Folio: 87
Remarks: Immigrated 1658.

Name: Illingsworth, Richard
Liber: 5
Folio: 607
Remarks: Transported 1658.

Name: Illingsworth, William
Liber: 5
Folio: 607
Remarks: Transported 1658.

Name: Illingsworth, Richard
Liber: 11
Folio: 110
Remarks: Service 1667.

Some things I found interesting:
– this is the earliest documentation I have found for Richard Ellingsworth, not 1654
– Richard Illingsworth & William Ellingsworth are listed as receiving land patents in 1658, in the same liber & folio – does this mean they are related?
– there are two Richard Illingsworths’ – they are PROBABLY different persons, but does anyone know for certain? (they are in different liber/folios)

1st appearance of William Ellingsworth

From the Planting of Quakerism in Maryland 1655-1664 the following was found:
‘He might also have noted that the spirit of persecution broke out once more, with many Quakers suffering for refusing to fight or swear.’
Footnote 20 – Besse, Sufferings, II, 380-382, records the following sufferings for 1661: Robert Stake and William Illingsworth were imprisoned several Months for their religious Testimony.

Nehemiah Covington arrived in Somerset Co., MD with his wife, Mary, and children.

William Ellingsworth purchased land in Talbot Co., MD.
Richard Ellingsworth assigns land for his transportation and that of others to ? Bradley

Richard Elmworth, of Anne Arundel County on October 20, 1664 sold to Thomas Phillips a brown cow. CD# 206

Julian Mezick arrived Accomack Co., VA., moved to and acquired land in Nanticoke Hundred, MD.
Christian Ellensworth testifies in trial of Elizabeth Greene in the death of Ms. Greene’s baby

William Ellingsworth purchased land in Calvert Co., MD, 565 acres, Turkey Neck –
‘Illingsworth’s Fortune’ – 365 acres surveyed July 20, 1666 for William Illingsworth, Talbot Co., MD

Court proceedings dealing with money owed William Ellingsworth by Henry Mitchel

Ratle Snake Point; 50 acres for William Illingsworth, Anne Arundel Co., MD

Richard Ellingsworth was in Baltimore Co., MD by March 1 of 1668/9 when John Dixon conveyed him 300 acres ‘Dixon’s Chance’; d. circa 1700 when his orphans held 124 acres ‘Richardson’s Reserve’

Whereas William Elingsworth arested Elizabeth Davis on August 16 to this court the said Elizabeth not appearing . The court hath ordered that Elizabeth Davis have a non sute against William Elingworth (Court Proceedings Talbot Co., MD)

Richard Ellingsworth married Margaret Covington in Somerset Co., MD
Margaret Covington was born in Northampton Co, VA circa 1658.
Richard was born circa 1650.

October 23, 1672
George Robbins, Plaintiff and Edward Williams, Defendant – Case dealing with trespassing and distruction of crops by cattle in Talbot Co., MD

Mrs. Sarah Ellingsworth sworne in open court saith that Mr. Williams threw downe Mr. Robbins fence. She doth think there was not an ear of corn or but few stalkes standing and further saith not.

June 18, Mr. Anthony Mayle ordered an attachment against the estate of William Ellingsworth for 2,000 pounds of tobacco, (Talbot Co., MD Court Proceedings)

February 18, Robert Turner makes oath in open court that he hath satisfied and paid William Elinsworth for his estate which he the said Robert Inoiyes (don’t have a clue what this word is) (Talbor Co., MD Court Proceedings)

Richard Ellingsworth owned land in Rattlesnake Pt., Anne Arundel Co., MD

Anne Ellingsworth, born to Richard and Margaret Ellingsworth

Richard Ellingsworth shows up in Somerset Co., MD judicial records

Will of Robert Harwood, drawn July 20, 1675; probated September 13, 1675, shows list of debts: William Ellingsworth (runaway). CD #206

Will of Robert Harwood, Talbot Co. MD; appraisers: George Coseley, Thomas Alexander. List of debts: Richard Parnes, William Sparkes, John Newman, William Hemsley, Benjamin Parret, Edward Man, William Southersby, William Elingswort, Johanne de Has to Richard Skiggs, John Richardson, Lewis Johnson, etc. Date October 31, 1676. CD #206.

MD wills – Sarah Illingworth is the executrix of the will of Robert Turner (Tred Avon, Talbot Co.). Drawn August 6, 1677; probated May 10, 1678. To Thomas, son of sd. execx., at 16 years of age, 1/2 estate, real and personal, in the province and in England. To daughters, Ellinor and Trephina, daus. of sd. execx., residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Roger Nettleshipp, William Kirkam

Richard Ellingsworth appears on the Somerset Co., MD tobacco list

September 12, 1679
William Ellinsworth, granted a ticket on the pink The Portsmouth; leaves Barbadoes for Road Island. Joseph Briar, Commander.

William Ellingsworth granted 1,025 acres of land located on the SW branch of Duck Creek, now Little Duck Creek, in Kenton Hundred, Kent Co., DE

Caleb Eastgate married Sarah, widow of William Ellingsworth in Talbot Co., MD

William Ellingsworth witness will of Charles Oliver in MD.
William Ellingsworth witnessed will of neighbor John Hillyard in Kent Co., DE.
‘Richardson’s Reserve’, 214 acres, surveyed the 5 June 1684 for Thomas Richardson bounded by a small run and now in the possession of the orphans of Richard Ellinsworth

List of 81 Kent County landowners and their acreage made on April 20, 1684 by William Berry according to a request of William Markham, the Secretary, stating that those whose rents were already due had been notified and that these rents were to be paid at the appointed public place and time.

A List of Land Taken of on ye Records of Kent County
. . .
Wm Ellingsworth 0555
. . .

Wm Markham according to thy Request I have Drawn out ye above and within List of Lands Surveyed being all our Records makes mention of, as also have Writt several papers to give notice to ye inhabitants of this County to take care their Rents already Due be forth with paid at ye place apoynted and have caused them to be fixed [ ] at some of ye most publique places in our County

Dated ye 20th Wm Berry Kent County of ye 4th 1684
Kent County Landowners

William Ellingworth shown as Messenger or Doorkeeper of the Assembly Officers of the Province of Pennsylvania – 1681-1776. From PA Marriages

(Indictments) given into Court by the Grand Jury

Wee of the grand Jury doe prsent Margarett Ellinsworth for having Basterd Children.Jno:Taylor

Somerset County Court (Judicial Record) 1692-1693

William Harris ‘Of the Clifts’, Calvert Co., MD left ‘Illingsworth’s Fortune’ to son, George

Richard Ellingsworth died and his orphans held 124 acres, ‘Richardson’s Reserve’ (from the Baltimore Co. Families, 1658-1759 by Robert W. Barnes, provided by Keith Ellingsworth)

March 8, 1715 at Talbot County, MD. Deposition. Caleb Isgate of Talbot County, MD aged 74 years concerning his knowledge of Eleanor Ellensworth wife of Hugh Modeuamott of ? her being the legitimate daughter of William Ellensworth and Sarah his wife of St. Jones, PA (Kent Co., De) deceased declares that about 27 years ago and upward and several other times before, William Ellensworth came to his house in Talbot County, MD where the the said Elleanor resided and was brought up and did often (say?) in the presence and hearing of this deponent declare the said Elleanor was his legitimate child and born of Sarah his wife at Peach Blossom… (signed) Thomas Robins Justice, John Butten justice.

March 8, 1715 at Talbot Co., MD. Deposition. Abigail Wise of Talbot County, MD widow aged 72years did declare the very same things as (above) … having heard the afsd William Ellensworth say the same words at the said house and other places calling her his child and daughter… (signed) Thomas robins, John Buller justices.

4/28/1719 – Bloice Wright of Somerset Co., from Richard Ellensworth & wife of Somerset, for 4000 lbs tobacco, buys a tract of land called “Richardsons Reserve” located in Baltimore Co., Md. upon the head of Gun Powder River & E/S of the N. branch of Gun Powder River – 214 acres (Royal Mines Excepted). Wit: Charles Ballard, Wm. Stoughton, Charles Ballard, Jr., Wm. Harris (Liber EF-0-13, Folio 333-336. (Found here: from Virginia Deeds and Wills)

Richard Ellingsworth owns 100 acres called “Pleasant Green” in Somerset Co, MD.

Richard Ellingsworth land, now Sussex Co., DE (this is either 1721 or 1741, I suspect it is 1741)

Robert Ellingsworth paid taxes in Nanticoke Co.

From the Somerset County, Maryland 1724 tax list found on FTM CD #210
Richard Ellingsworth
Robert Ellingsworth

Richard Ellingsworth appears in court. Refers to his wife as, Elizabeth, and a son, Richard

From the 1733 Tax List of the Nanticoke Hundred, Somerset Co., MD
Richard Ellingsworth (HH), household includes Nehemiah Ellingsworth
Richard Ellingsworth Jr. (HH)
Robert Ellingsworth (HH)

Rules for preparing the tax list included that all males of age were to be listed. That is, females were not listed. ‘Of age’ was uncertain by staff of Salisbury State University Research Center for History and Culture, but 16-21 was guessed.

Israel Ellingsworth, Prince George Co., MD, date of inventory – January 24, 1734; date of the approval by the exec./administrator – August 27, 1735. Appraisers: ? Boteler, John Lawson; Creditors: John Moore, Robert Whitaker; Next of Kin: no relations to deceased unless in Virginia; Administrator/Executor: William Middleton (Charles County). Maryland Prerogative Court Abstracts, CD 206

Israel Ellingsworth resided in Prince George Co., MD

Will of John Nicholson shows payments to Richard Alingsworth, Mezick and Dashiell’s mentions also. Date July 23, 1737 – Somerset Co., MD. CD#206

George Harris, Calvert Co., MD. leaves son, Samuel and heirs, 100 acres being part of ‘Illingsworth Fortune’ (formerly laid out for Peter Sawell and his wife, Christian and since descended to testator for want of heir of said Christian.)

50 more acres surveyed at site of Richard Ellingsworth’s Discovery, Somerset Co., MD

Prenuptial agreement between Patience Ellingsworth and William Gray in Worchester Co., MD. Shows Patience was married to Richard Ellingsworth and they had a son, Thomas.
Patience married William Gray on May 28, 1743

December 22, Worcester Co., DE. Will of Richard Jefferson, Sr. shows Robert Ellingsworth as creditor

Taxes paid by Richard Ellingsworth for Discovery in Worchester Co., DE

Tabby Brotherer was born 1746 in Worcester Cty, MD. She married ? Ellingsworth (Richard?).

Joseph Brotherer was born 1718 in Worcester, MD. He died 1788 in Sussex, DE. He married Eleanor ?.
Eleanor ? was born 1720 in Worcester Cty, MD. She died 19 Nov 1795 in Dagsboro Hundred, Sussex, DE. She married Joseph Brotherer.
They had the following children:
F i Sarah Brotherer was born 1744. She died 1798.
F ii Tabby Brotherer was born 1746.

(Unconfirmed sources; found: )

William Ellingsworth married Rachel Beard (nee Mezick) in Somerset Co., MD

Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. and Rachel Ellingsworth, was born

Israel, son of Wm. and Rachel Ellingsworth, was born

Granddaughters Sarah and Ann Ellingsworth are shown in the will of John Hopkins, Sr. Somerset Co., MD. Drawn February 5, 1752 and probated July 17, 1752. CD #206

Will of William Dashiell, Somerset Co., MD, drawn March 26, 1749 and probated June 17, 1752

Will of Jacob Mezick, Somerset Co., planter, was drawn on December 22, 1755 and proved or probated on February 9, 1761. To wife Elizabeth Mezick, the 1/3 pt. of moveable estate and dwelling plantation, during life. To son, Jacob Mezick, my hand mill and etc. and land, except 17 acres, James Lott, which I gave grandson James Mezick, eldest son of Elcha Mezick; if jacob Mezick die without issue, same to Aron Mezick. To my 7 children: Elihu, Joshua, Aron, covington and Jacob Mezick, Dinah Nelson, and Rachell Ellingsworth, moveable estate. Exs: wife, Elizabeth, and son Jacob. Wit: Thomas Mitchell, Morgan Sanders, James Larramur. Liber – 31, Folio – 240. CD# 206

(Rachell Mezick Ellingsworth, b abt 1714 in Somerset Co., married to William Ellingsworth)

John Hopkins Will, September 18, 1753, Somerset Co., MD, September 18, 1753; paymentss to: Robert Willin, Sarah Hopkins, Jacob Mizick, John Nelson, Winder Dashiells, Cannon Winwright, Daniel Dulany, esq., John Hopkins (accountant). Legatees: Isaac (accountant); Distribution to: John Samuells (1/3), accountants (2/3); Legatees: John Hopkins, Mary Laramur, Thomas Cooper, Eunice (no surhame given), Sarah Ellinsworth, Mary Roberts, Mary Cooper. Executors: John Hopkins, Isaac Hopkins.

Aaron, son of Wm. and Rachel Ellingsworth, was born.

William and wife, Tabitha, Anne Arundel Co., MD

Ellensworth, Richard, m. by 6 July 1757, Tabitha, admx of John Short of AA Co. (MDAD 41:59).

June 6, Will of John Short; distribution to: Widow (unnamed, 1/3). Residue to infants; William, John.
Administratrix: Tabitha Ellensworth, wife of Richard Ellensworth. CD 206

Robert Ellingsworth’s land is now Sussex Co., DE

Diana, daughter of William and Rachel Ellingsworth, was born

Will of Philip Wingate, Worcester County, DE shows creditor as Robert Ellingsworth. Date June 5, 1759. CD #206

Thomas Ellingsworth born (circa)

Benjamin Ellensworth, Worcester Co., MD, Will drawn February 13 and Probated May 5, 1760. Probate prortion indicates taht the name of the deceased was Robert Ellingsworth. appraisers: Cornelious Kolloci, Thomas Pretteman. Creditors: Robert Ingram, Thomas Jones. Next of kin: John Teimone, Richard Ellingsworth; Administratrix: Jean Ellingsworth

Jane Ellinsworth, admin. of Robert Ellingsworth of Worchester Co. MD

CD #206 shows: February 11, 1761; sureties: William Radney, John Beavins; Distribution to: Widow (unnamed, 1/3). Residue to 8 children (minors, unknown to this office; equally). Administratix: This shows JOAN not JANE, CD 206

List of debts due estate of Col. Joseph Enalls dated January 30, 1761 – Robert Ellingsworth is listed.

Covington Ellingsworth, daughter of William and Rachel, was born

Will of Joshua Jackson, Somerset Co., MD. Witnessed by William Ellingsworth and James Beard. Date drawn February 14, 1764, probated April 2, 1764. CD# 206

Dolly, daughter of William and Rachel, was born

Will of Edward Short, Worcester Co., shows wife: Elizabeth; children: Nancy, Edward, Rachel, Isaac, Patience, Comfort, Shadrack, Philip and Jacob; grandchildren: William and John Short; tracts: Short’s Addition,Last of All,Griffin’s Choice and Hazard; exs: Elizabeth and Edward Short; wit: George Hopkins, William Nelson.

Robert, son of William and Rachel, was born.
Robert Morris to Twilly Ellingsworth, no date, 1776 in Lewes, DE and Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Vital Records, Kent and Sussex Co., DE, 1680 – 1800

Abraham Covington had been granted on a Maryland warrant a tract of land called Long Lot, lying between the branches of tuttle Creek and Twin Pen, south of Seaford. Abraham was the father of Rachel Covington who married Jacob Mezick and their daughter, Rachel (married William Ellingsworth in 1750) From Keith Ellingsworth

14 Aug 1776 – John & Mariam Freeman; James Wells and Sarah Wells ;and Francis Keith to Thomas Keith part of a tract “Chester” (Part of Ellinsworth Hd) in Little Creek Hundred on Ellinsworth Branch on the old landing road 109 acres sold for £181.13.4
Kent Deeds, Book W:61

Rachel, daughter of Israel and Priscilla, born in MD on July 19

Rodey, son(?) of Israel and Priscella, born in MD on March 8

(Note: Keith sent the following from Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 1776-1800, Book 4, F. Edward Wright – shows Rodey was born in 1779 instead of 1780. I believe Rodey was born in 1780 because Priscella’s date of death would match Rodey’s birth date)

Prisella Elinsworth, wife of Isreal Elinsworth died March 8, 1780 – Prisella must have died giving birth to Rodey.
Israel married Mary Richardson on November 11 at Stepney Parish, Wicomico Co., MD
Md Marriages 1778-1800 – By Robert Barnes

Tax List and Census of Delaware

Brotherer Ellingsworth of Dagsboro Hundred
Richard Ellingsworth of Dagsboro Hundred
Robert Ellingsworth of Dagsboro Hundred
Robert Ellensworth of Broadkill Hundred

Note from Keith – part of Dagsboro was previously in Nanticoke Hundred, Somerset Co., Md.

Israel Ellingsworth married Barbara McCabe on February 1, 1782
Child: Jese born March 13, 1782

Assessment of Somerset County, Maryland

Israel Ellensworth. SO Nanticoke p. 80
William Ellensworth. Fishermans Quarter, pt, 65 acres. SO Nanticoke p. 80
William Ellensworth. Bettys Enlargement, 65 acres. SO Nanticoke p. 80
William Ellersworth. Beards Adventure, 25 acres. SO Nanticoke p. 80

Assessment of 1783, Index

Prisscilla Ellingsworth. DO Upper District Hundred, p. 6. MSA S 1161-5-6 1/4/5/48

Full Context of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800
Prim Name: Burrell Jones
Admin Name:
Will Made Date: 24 Dec 1784
Will Loc:
Heirs Name: unnamed wife; Thomas Jones; grandson Jones Ellingsworth
Exec/Trus Name: [No ]
Wit Name: William Dulaney, Nathaniel Steel, Peggy Stephens
Will Probate Date: 08 Feb 1785
Will Book: A81; , Liber D
Page: 137; folios 73-74

Richard, Robert, and Brotherer Ellingsworth are included in a list of taxables for the Dagsborough Hundred, Sussex Co., DE
Robert Ellingsworth is included in a list of taxables for the Broadkiln Hundred, Sussex Co., DE
The Will of Burrell Jones, probated on Jan 29, 1785, identifies a grandson named Jones Ellingsworth. (see 1784)

Full Context of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800
Prim Name: Elizabeth Short
Admin Name:
Will Made Date: 15 May 1786
Will Loc:
Heirs Name: sons Jacob, Shadrach, Phillip, Isaac and Edward Short; daus. Betty Tindal, Nancy Melson, Rachel Stockley, Comfort Benston and Patience Ellingsworth
Exec/Trus Name: son Phillip Short
Wit Name: Joseph Piper, Robert Hopkins
Will Probate Date: 25 May 1786
Will Book: A98; , Liber D
Page: 171; folios 111-112
Comment: [Note:– A98, page 171 shows the estate was settled March 5, 1788; also mentions Spencer Benston in right of his wife, and Richard Ellingsworth in right of his wife].

Bartholomew Ellingsworth born in MD on January 18

The Will of Joseph Brotherer, probated on Dec 2, 1788, identifies Eleanor, his wife, and 2 daughters,Tabby Ellingsworth and Sarah Phillips, wife of John, and 5 Phillips’ grandchildren. Sussex, Delaware (Tabby could possibly be Stephen’s mother -dates and location match)

Full Context of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800
Prim Name: Joseph Brotherer, Planter
Admin Name:
Will Made Date: 26 Aug 1788
Will Loc:
Heirs Name: wife Eleanor Brotherer; daus. Tabby Ellingsworth and Sarah Phillips (wife of John); grandsons Joseph, Shepperd and Spencer Phillips; granddaus. Lavinia and Mary Phillips
Exec/Trus Name: son-in-law John Phillips,
Wit Name: George Hopkins, Robert Hopkins, Simon Kollock
Will Probate Date: 02 Dec 1788
Will Book: A60; , Liber D
Page: 161-163; folios 200-201
Comment: [Note:– A60, page 162 mentions Richard and Tabby Ellingsworth; page 163 shows John and Spencer Phillips exhibited an account on the estate Sept. 7, 1795 in right of John Phillips, ]

Hannah Ellinsworth the daughter of Brother Ellinsworth and Plazzy his wife was borned September the 3 day 1789. From DELAWARE BIBLE RECORDS, Volume 1, by Donald O. Virdin

Brothers and Zachariah Ellingsworth are shown as living at Broad Creek 100 in the DE census. Covington Ellingsworth married Sarah Workman

Full Context of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800
Prim Name: Reuben James
Admin Name:
Will Made Date: 23 Mar 1790
Will Loc:
Heirs Name: wife Mary James; sons Reuben and Noble James; daus. Sally and Patty James; -in-law Nancy Hitchens
Exec/Trus Name: John Benston
Wit Name: John Messick, Elizabeth Short, Hannah Messick
Will Probate Date: 06 Apr 1790
Will Book: A80; , Liber D
Page: 111-113; folios 289-291
Comment: [Note:– A80, page 112 mentions Selah Boyce, Nancy Ellingsworth, Patty Spicer

Rebecca Ellinsworth married John McReady on September 12 in MD. Reference Marriages of Great Choptank Parish, Stepney Parish, now Wicomico County, MD from Book 4 of MD Eastern Shore Vital Records, by Edward Wright

Jacob Ellingsworth was born in DE circa 1791 and had the following children:
Minnie, Elizabeth, Jennie, Henry, Jacob, William James. (from WFT)

John Workman Ellingsworth born to Covington Ellingworth and Sarah Workman

William Ellingsworth married Elizabeth Booze on May 20, 1802
Marriage Records 1780-1867 Dorchester County Maryland

William Ellingsworth and Elizabeth’s children, Aaron, b. March 20, 1802 and Rebecca, October 21, 1803/4 in Dorchester Co., MD, Records of Great Choptant Parish from MD Easter Shore Vital Records, by Edward Wright, Book 5

Note: Is this the same Wm. and Elizabeth? – got married after the baby was born.

Rhoda Ellingsworth , dau of William and Elizabeth, born October 21/ 1806, same reference as Aaron and Rebecca Ellingsworth, Rhoda to Robert Hart – Land of her grandfather, James Booze, her brother, George Ellingsworth & her father, William Ellingsworth – July 1829

Ben Ellingsworth married Elizabeth Gray on August 25, 1817 in Surry, VA.

Phebe Ellinsworth,daughter of Benjamin Ellinsworth and Lovey, his wife was borne November the 10 day in year 1820. From Deleware Bible Records by Virdin

James Ellinsworth, son of same was borne the 19th day of January in the year of our Lord 1822.

Jane Ellinsworth daughter of the same was borne December the 31st in the year of our Lord 1824 or 7 (just as written in Bible).

Robinson Waples Ellingsworth son of the same was borne 19th of August in year of our Lord 1829.

Margaret Ann Ellinsworth daughter of the same was borne the 29th day of September in the year of our Lord 1832

Mary Ellinsworth daughter of Benjamin and his wife was borne September 19, 1837

Mary Emeline Ellinsworth the daughter of Robinson Ellinsworth and Prissilan his wife was borned October 1849

Benjamin Martin Ellinsworth the son of the same was borned the 25th of March 1852

Information obtained from the Johnson County Library on May 7, 1998

Archives of Maryland, LIV, Proceedings of the County Courts, Kent 1662 – 1676, Talbot Co. 1662-1674, Somerset 1665-1668, Court Series (7) published under direction of the Maryland Historical Society

Talbot County
October 23, 1672

George Robbins, Plaintiff
Edward Williams, Defendent
Case dealing with trespassing and destruction of crops by cattle
Mrs. Sarah Ellingsworth sworne in open court saith that Mr. Williams threw downe Mr. Robbins fence. She doth thinks there was not an ear of corn or butt fue stalkes standing and further saith not.
Robert Turner testified same.

Sarah was the exec. of Robert Turner’s will.

August 16, 1670
Whereas William Elingsworth arested Elizabeth Davis to this court the said Elingsworth not appearing the court hath order that Elizabeth Davis have a non sute against William Elingsworth.

June 18, 1672
Mr. Anthony Mayle ordered an attachment against the estate of William Ellingsworth for 2,000 lbs. of tobacco.

February 18, 1672
Robert Turner makes oath in open court that he hath satisfied and paid William Elensworth for his estate which he said Robert inioyes (don’t have a clue what that word is).

Archives of Maryland, XLIX, Proceedings of the Provencial Court, 1663-1666, Volume 4
May 31, 1664
Whereas there was information given to Mr. George Peake that one Elizabeth Greene had been brought to bed of a bastard childe and that she had feloniously made away with the said childe which being by the High Sheriff related and made known to the Lieutenant General there cam a special order from the Right Honorable Charles Calvert, Esq., Governor, to call and hold this court for the examination of Elizabeth Greene and to swear the several witnesses knowing anything in this business, where upon Grace Parker, Sarah Waring, Judith Sharpe, Christian Ellensworth, Martha Carr, Elizabeth Harwood, Sampton Waring and Nicholas Carr were one after the other called and severally sworne as follows

Mrs. Grace Parker examined and sworn saith that Elizabeth Greene did deny that she had had any child, but being pressed farther did afterwards confess she had had a child and burned it. And this deponant said sure though hast not burnt it, thou hast buried it and the said Elizabeth Greene made answer she had burnied it in a swamp and would show it to the deponant and the rest of the women aforesaid the morrow morning and that this deponant and the rest of the women went the next day and could find no sign of any such thing. That then the said Elizabeth Greene did confess again that she burnt it and further this deponant saith that the said Elizabeth Greene had gone neer her full time and had a child.

Sarah Warings, M. Carr examined and sowne say verbatim as G. Parker, But Judith Shart and Christian Ellenworth and Elizabeth Harwood say verbatim the same as the other women but refused to make oath……………. Lastly it is ordered the high sheriff take keep in safe custody and bring to the next Provencial Court which was done.

Archives of Maryland, LVII, 1666-1670, Volume 8
December 21, 1669
Court proceeding dealing with money owed William Ellingsworth by Henry Mitchael

Baltimore County Families, 1659 – 1759, by Robert W. Barnes
Richard Ellingsworth was in Baltimore County by 1 March 1668/9 when John Dixon conveyed him 300 acres “Dixon’s Chance”; died circa 1700 when his orphans held 124 acres “Richardson’s Reserve”

Maryland Calendar of Wills by Jane Baldwin

Wills from 1685 – 1702, Volume II
25 March 1697
2 May 1698
William Harris “Of the Clifts”, Calvert Co., Maryland left “Illingsworth’s Fortune” to son, George

1738 – 1743, Volume VIII
22 August 1738
30 October 1738
George Harris, Calvert Co. leaves son, Samuel and heirs, 100 acres being part of Illingsworth Fortune” (formerly laid out for Peter Sawell and His wife, Christian and since descended to testator for want of heirs of said Christian)

1748-1753 – Volume 10
5 Feb 1752
17 July 1752
Will of John Hopkins, Sr.

To son, Isacc Hopkins, plantation or part of “Cannon’s Shot” where I live, according to the directions I made between sons John and Isaac Hopkins.
To said sons, land at Cagoes Island
To grandson, John Hopkins, son of my son, Levy Hopkins, tract which belonged to Juda Cannon, according to the division that was formerly made; if said grandson dies without issue then son, Isaac, shall inherit said land.

I desire Jessey Dashiel and Issac Hopkins should have plantation in care.

To grandson, Levi Hopkins, 5 lbs
To granddaughter, Perthena Nicholson, 1 s sterling
” ” Mary Laremore, same
” ” Mary Cooper, same
” ” Eunice Cooper, same
” ” Sarah and Ann Ellingsworth, 1 s sterling each
To daughter, Mary Roberts, same
To sons, John and Isaac and to grandson John Samuels balance.
Sons, John and Isaac, exec
Witnesses: George Henry, Jesse and Joseph Dashiell

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700.
From Mss. Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty’s Public Record Office, England.
Edited by John Camden Hotten.

This timeline was compliled by the following persons:
Sharan Ellingsworth Lesmeister
M Keith Ellingsworth
Jim Cochran
Bob Ellingsworth
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